Black Lips at Glass House in Pomona, Calif. May 2, 2009

Not even 24 hours on first-time American soil, I welcome my cousin, quite the cute Peruvian import, to the good ole US of A with a crazy Black Lips show.

Thanks to my boys at the Glass House, we had a blast! Although the venue wasn’t sold out, it was a solid crowd. My cousin was in awe of the rockin’ madness: kids crowd surfing, stage diving, girls rushing the stage and kissing the band, and nerds cuttin’ loose, it was a sight to see. This show was much more mayhem than the previous. Might have been due in part to an audience where 80 percent were under the age of 21.

After a great set and a couple encores we headed to the Glass House bar and engaged in some stiff cocktails and fun conversations. My cousin couldn’t understand why Ian Saint Pé, the guitarist of the Lips, was sporting metal on his teeth (a grill). Being that we were partying with the Lips, Ian gladly explained his grill (and much more) to us.

“Where I come from (New Orleans) lots of kids wear grills. It’s like having $2,000 in your mouth, very uncomfortable,” he shared. “I do it cause I’m crazy like that. We’re all crazy like that.”

He then pulls the grill off his teeth where my cousin screeched in amazement! Keep in mind, this was her first day in the states, coming from Peru and speaking very little English.

All in all it was a great night. Ian is a total sweet heart and kept us laughing with his words. My Glass House boys are always a good time and candy to my eyes. Thanks boys! Xo

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