The Sonics to Perform at Ink-N-Iron!

I can’t tell you how fuckin’ excited I am to hear that The Sonics will be playing at the Ink-N-Iron Festival on Saturday, June 6. Their song, “Have Love Will Travel” is some-what the theme song to my life. I got addicted to this tune on my first long-term trip abroad (South America) back in o5’ and it’s still resonates like yesterday. Never get sick of this song!

Ink-N-Iron is already an awesome tattoo, rock n’ roll, kustom event. It’s now all the more better with The Sonics playing. Check out the full line-up and more at


FYI: Ink-N-Iron falls on the same weekend as the 94/9 Independence Jam. Don’t choose one, do both. Like me! I’ll be at Ink-N-Iron on Saturday, then Independence Jam on Sunday!

PS The Black Keys do a fantastic cover of The Sonics’ “Have Love Will Travel”

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