Weezer + Snuggie = Wuggie

wuggieWhy am I not surprised that Rivers Cuomo would fancy the idea of a Weezer Snuggie? Love Cuomo, hate fuckin Snuggies. Those ridiculouse wearable blankets look like some crazy cult attire! Bet their sales are high in the hobunk towns of Middle America and the East.

Along with T shirts and buttons, Weezer fans will soon be able to purchase their very own Wuggie! Read more about this nonsense at NME.com.

Haven’t seen that pathetic Snuggie commercial yet? Check it here!

4 thoughts on “Weezer + Snuggie = Wuggie

  1. Sandy

    Yes!!! I think the first was in Chicago. I want to go to one of those Snuggie pub crawls and egg them! Lamers.

  2. Kristine G

    Did you see that article about people who went on a pub crawl IN SNUGGIES! Talk about a hundred friggin’ degrees and nasty beer spilled on your World of Warcraft robe. bwahahahahaha

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