Scarlett Johansson Going for a Second Album–Oh No

breakupx-largeIt was bad enough that she had to taint the lyrical genius of Tom Waits with “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, but now the curvdacious Hollywood starlet is back again giving it another go with yet another album. Which famed musician will she piggy-back this time around? Why it’s Pete Yorn, an American singer/song writer we all love to love!

Again, as I said when she came out with her first album-love her as an actress, but singing is just not her thing. I think it’s ridonkulous that she can’t go at it alone without the help of a renowned musician. Who knows, with a lot of mixing and a catchy hook, “Break Up” just might grant her a one-hit-wonder. Afterall, trying to follow Waits is like being that lil retarded kid who had to perform after the popular kids in a talent show.

“Break Up” is a series of duets sung by Yorn and Johansson. Listen to their first single “Relator” on It’s clear who carries the harmony . . .

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