94/9 Independence Jam Photos

94.9-Indy-Jam09 062This past Sunday’s 94/9 Independence Jam, proved all the more reason why California (So Cal in particular)is hands down the best place to live! The weather was perfect, sun was shining and the vast Pacific blue was directly behind us as we rocked out to The Creepy Creeps, Scarlet Symphony, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Black Keys. The Oceanside Pier Plaza is the best location I’ve ever been to, can’t beat a vivid sunset along the ocean to the tune of some of your favorite musicians. I only hope we can expect more summer shows there after this awesome venue.

Considering I was back in my old hood, I knew right off the bat I was gonna have an epic time with all my North County homies (good to see all of you). Not to mention three of my favorite bands were playing! After pre-partying at the FireWater then cruising on our bikes to the show, it was all smiles after that. Miller Lite kept our buzz jumpin’, and all the bands playing kept our bodies shaking.

  • The Creepy Creeps – Came in for their last song but these guys rock that surf-garage-punk fo show! You can always count on their on-stage Go Go dancers for some eye candy. By far Creepy Creeps are one of San Diegos’ finest.
  • Metric –   A lot of  the tracks off of “Fantasies” being played here, so the tone was a bit more mellow than past Metric sets. But we sure did dance our lil tushies off once “Combat Baby” came on!
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – By far the best performance (along side my beloved Black Keys)! Karen O’ is just the ultimate female rocker, with her original style and zest. Her sexy howls make every man wish a certain part of their bodies were her mic. “Zero” and “Honey Bear” were of most memorable moments for me—I was later labeled as: “you’re the dancer in the lil white dress!” It was one of those dancing days for me.
  • The Black Keys – A beardless Dan Auerbach rocked his guitar so hard that he blew through a few amps: “We’re having some technical difficulties here, as always.” Drummer Pat had my buddy Albert in awe of his stealth skills. The boys jammed the night away to a LOUD fuzzy set rocking the faces off of everyone! Always coming through, always the best, and always making me smile and glow—Gratzi.

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  3. The Lord of Venice

    Well haven’t you been having a blast while I’ve been away. I’m gonna text you all day tomorrow while your at work…. Just to bug u. “kiss me deadly”

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