“Demonstration EP” by The Honey Brothers – Album Review

honeybrothers_demonstration_204I’m usually not down for the “actor turned musician” thing, but in some cases it does tend to work (definitely not with Scarlett Johansson). Check this sweet new band out: The Honey Brothers features “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier on drums! Their new goods titled “Demonstration EP,” has a fun vibe to it with a ukulele accenting the cool David Byrne-like vocals. Definitely has a Talking Heads feel to it, but not so new wave. With four tracks on their new EP, The Honey Brothers have put some great music together. My favorite track is “Perfect Parent,” it gets  a little psychedelic in there.

Performing at four big summer festivals this summer, you can catch The Honey Brothers at Wanderlust Festival, All Points West Festival 2009, Osheaga Festival, and Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival.

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