Jay Reatard at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach

The bassist def has the most energy out the three.

The bassist def has the most energy out the three.

If you have yet to hear about Jay Reatard, I highly suggest you get with it. The dude just slays live! Him, his bassist and drummer, all three make for some killer garage punk. The sound’s very reminiscent of mid 70’s punk, performed with enough energy to burn a hole through the roof! Not to mention their all fun to watch with them crazy curly mops and sweet attire. They were definitely ripping that night and sweating buckets. The bassist drenched my buddy’s arm and dropped massive sweat beads on my heel as he exited the stage near us. I just caught them this past Friday, June 19 at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, Calif. Which might I add, Alex’s Bar is a dope spot with cheap stiff drinks and tall boys galore. Awesome decor and artwork through out (day of the dead, zombie, monster, etc.).

Thee Make0ut Party opened up for Reatard, but I wasn’t too hyped on them. The lead singer’s voice annoyed me, was a bit too whiney live which I found odd because on audio it sounds okay. But the instrumentals and the band as a whole weren’t too bad. Next up was Digital Leather and I defintiely dug them. The lead singer’s voice is very unique and monotone, but it works. It gives their crazy electro punk a bit of a dark sound. Good shit.

Check out the photos and video below!


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  4. Allen

    This show kicked ass!!!! Alex’s bar is one of the best spots for good music. You should cover there more often.

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