amandablank_iloveyouPeaches, Lady Sovereign, M.I.A., Santigold, and now Amanda Blank. Love the aforementioned, sans Lady Sovereign, but really, the whole electro-rap-songstress approach has been used and abused. A little too late to hop on the bandwagon for Blank and her debut album “I Love You.” Although she has big names like Diplo and Santigold pulling some weight for her, it’s all been down the beaten path. Can someone please bring something fresh up to the plate?

Peaches is the shit and Blank’s “I Love You” sounds like a sorry attempt to replicate the style and sound of Peaches but with a heavier rap tone. No to mention her track “Love Song” is a cover of LL Cool J’s “I Need Love.” The same goes for her sexed up track “Might Like You Better.” It’s basically a throw back to 80’s San Francisco rockers, Romeo Void and their then controversial track “Never Say Never.” Blank takes their popular hook “might like you better if we slept together,” and throws it into her mix.

“I Love You” just seems to mooch off of far too many other grounded musicians (Lykke Li, Spank Rock, the Cool Kids). And we all know most newbies need to do that when their shit can’t ride on its own.

Soggy cereal I tell ya. Her tunes would probably do well in a douchebag club though.

As always, to each their own.