Sunset Junction 2009 Day 2

Jenna Thornhill  of Mika Miko

Jenna Thornhill of Mika Miko

Damn was it a boiler on Sunday at Sunset Junction. You know how guys get arm-pit sweat stains, well chick with nice racks get booby sweat. You could tell which ones weren’t wearing a bra this steamy afternoon.

I arrived towards the end of the set for Local Natives and was stoked with what I heard. I’ll definitely have to check them out live for a full show. Moving onto Fool’s Gold, they’re such an amazing ensemble of exotic island music. With about 11 people deep on stage, they used each and every kind of instrument possible to create such enchanting music. I can’t even tell you how many elements of percussion they used, I stopped counting after five. I highly recommend you check them out, you can download a FREE mp3 of their vibrant dance anthem “Surprise Hotel” here.

Next up was Tiny Masters of Today. These lil NYC rockers looked like they were ten! So young and looking the size of an ant on stage, but happy to shred. With monotone vocals to a punk rift, you can definitely hear some awkward tween years going on here. It was a pleasure seeing anyone so young rockin’ out on stage though. The fiery all fem punk outfit, Mika Miko, tore up the stage next inciting a total hipster mosh n’ dance. It looked as though everyone was bouncing on an imaginary pogo stick. Funny shit, and those chicks are just bad ass.

The legendary Sonics hit the stage with their 60’s soul garage and rocked us like it was ‘65. By far the best set I witnessed at Sunset Junction. Those guys are the epitome of rock n’ roll. This is the second time I’ve seen them in the past three months and both times have been outstanding. I love how not one of them steals the spotlight. They’re all so talented in their instrumentation and have the howling vocals to match.

Due to three days of music festivals (Busker Fest on Friday) and alcoholic bevies, my body had called it quits after The Sonics. I guess both Arrested Development and Built to Spill played some awesome sets, but I had to cut out. I ventured out and grabbed an oh-so-delicious cup of some mondo Cajun prawns. At $20 buck a pop, I just about cried when one of my ginormous prawns fell out of my cup and into the gutter. That lil guy was worth like $3 bucks!

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