Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 2

Outside Lands 2009 Day 2 - 12I danced my ass off on Day 2 of Outside Lands! Although I missed a shit load of bands I was set to see, I had an amazing time partying and dancing it up with my San Francisco friends.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, the sun was shining at a warm but bearable temperature. As we moved and grooved to Raphael Saadiq, I was stoked to hear him play a cover of Iggy and the Stooges’ “Search and Destroy.” That shit was hot! Since I was hangin’ with my friends that practically supply all the alcohol for the bars in SF, you can say I immediately had a buzz. Between the tequila shooters, wine and various FREE drinks, that buzz became an amplified world of sound soon as Mastadon hit. For the few songs that we saw, they blew our faces off!

Moving on to some sweet sounds from Jason Mraz we ran into some dudes celebrating a bachelor party. Clad in fake titties and “Orgasm Donor” badges, naturally they invited me and my cute girlfriend to some club with an open bar in a stretch hummer limo: we graciously said NO thanks.

By far the highlight of Saturday (at least for myself) was dancing to Miguel Migs! He is the shit! We danced his entire set in a crowded dome of movers and shakers. With a 15 minute line to get in, we’re all stoked we got there early and breezed through.

After that, I don’t remember too much except for some crazy fuzzy madnesss from Mars Volta. Those guys are just straight up rockers and have the most enticing stage presence. Not to mention their sound is absolutely stellar.

What happended after that? I had some delicious wine at the Wine Haven (tastings) at Outside Lands, ran into a girl named Molly, heard and saw some epic sound and lights at Dave Matthews and then took part in a series of dance-offs until 6 in the morning! Damn good night, but I forgot to eat, lost an earing and accumulated three new blisters on my feet.

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