2009 Vans Downtown Showdown Photos

The Vans Downtown Showdown went off this past Saturday at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. The courses were sick! Not to mention I felt like I was back in Brooklyn. Vans Downtown Showdown 09 - 05

A total of $85,000 was given away to the top rippers and some sweet guitars as the awards. Get the full results at skatedaily.net.

1st – Foundation ($30,ooo)
2nd – Blind
3rd – Toy Machine (5 years in a row in the top three)

Girl’s Little China Bank
1st –  Zared Bassett (Zoo York)

Flip’s Extremely Sorry
1st – Jani Laitiala (Blind)

Creature’s Hesh Cross
1st – Vince Del Valle (Black Label)

Black Label’s Drunk Tank
1st -Nick Merlino (Foundation)

Top Am: Nick Merlino (Foundation)

Top Pro: Jani Laitala (Blind)

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