If I wasn’t headed to San Francisco this weekend, I ‘d definitely be hitting up Rumble in Ramona. Presented by Creature Skateboards and Thrasher Magazine, the Vert shredding and musical carnage kicks off Oct. 17 – 18! In proper North County San Diego fashion, prepare for creeps, customs, bands, brews, and burnouts. Good thrashin’ times to be had.

Invited riders:
Adrian Mallory, Al Partanen, Alex Horn, Beaze Lovelace, Ben Raybourn, Ben Schroeder, Brian Anderson, Brian Howard, Chris Livingston, Christian Hosoi, Danny Way, darren navarrette, David Gravette, Duane Peters, Eddie Reategui, Emmanuel Guzman, Glen Charnowski, Jake Brown, Jeff Grosso, Jimi Hendrix, Lance Mountain, Lester Kasai, Lincoln Uyeda, Mark Hubbard, Mark Scott, Matt Moffett, Max Schaff, Mike Carroll, Mike Crum, Mike Frazier, Mike Youssefper, Mr. Shitz, Neil Hendrix, Omar Hassan, Pat Ngoho, Peter Hewitt, Remy Stratton, Robbie Russo, Salba, Sam Hitz, Steve Olsen, Tony Trujillo, Wade Speyer, Truman Hooker and ZZ Tap.

The Flame Throwers, Heavy Cessna, Nihilist, Youth Brigade and J.F.A.