Hottest Music Festival Girls of 2009

With the music festival season coming to a close, we’ve taken a shit load of photos at various festivals. From Coachella all the way to Austin City Limits, we were there. Amongst all the photos, we noticed a lot of hot chicks up in the music mix and a lot of those hot chicks were getting clicked on every day! We pulled the stats on some of the most clicked on photos and low and behold! Some had big boobs, some had sexy legs, pretty faces, and bangin’ booties: with no further adieu, here’s Grimy Goods’s Hottest Music Festival Girls of 2009!

(In most recent festival order)

Treasure Island Music Festival: should have seen the crazy tat covering her whole back!

Austin City Limits: Pretty face and an open mouth, mmm!

Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits: one of the very few, “hot” festival hippies. I see a twat-line!

Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits: pouty lips that look both naughty and nice.

FYF Fest: holy hotness! Face, boobs, legs, style – damn.

Sunset Junction: ghetto hotness.

Sunset Junction

Sunset Junction: sexy playful clowns for your fucked up fetish.

Wanderlust Festival

Wanderlust Festival: I almost didn’t post this considering it’s me and my photog, but we got a grip of clicks and I had to shout out wonderful Wanderlust! Fuck it – wer’e pretty!

San Diego Pride Festival

San Diego Pride Festival: pasties never looked so cute!

Ink N Iron

Ink N Iron: you’d be surprised how many clicks this photos got! Some men like their ladies “large and in charge.”

4 thoughts on “Hottest Music Festival Girls of 2009

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  2. kimcloud

    Girl… Burning Man Festival is Required on this list. Cuz, basically burning man chicks are the hottest ever. XOX

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