“Introducing” by Brilliant Colors

It seems as thought more and more all-fem rock bands are sprouting from the dark and into the musical light. From the recently broken up Mika Miko, to Those Darlins and more, San Francisco gives us yet another set of rockettes you’ll want to add to your playlist.


Check out this hot threesome, Brilliant Colors. These chicks come equipped with that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro. With the their debut album “Introducing” hitting the streets tomorrow off  Slumberland Records, those that like their rock n’ roll simple with no crazy fabrications or fancy orchestrations will be stoked on Brilliant Colors’ “Introducing.”

What I found to be its most alluring element and giving it a high “cool factor” was its punk rock simplicity. Nothing but your basic instruments: drums, bass and guitar. Even more representative of early punk, each of the 10 tracks is all but about two minutes of buzzing guitars, rolling drums and lazy melodic vocals of less than five sentence long. Short, sweet and thrashing, “Introducing” banks in at a brief 24 minutes of very cool listening.

A few favs:

“Absolutely Anything” – It doesn’t get anymore simply punk than this. With about five sentences and an incessant catchy hook where you don’t even know what’s being said, it’s all about a cabbage or a peach. WTF? Rad.

“English Cities” – Front woman, Jess Scott’s breathy vocals have a sheer sexiness to them in this track. Whether it the repetitive lyrical build-up or pushing yells, there’s something crazy-hot about this track.

“Motherland” -This is probably the longest track on the album (almost three minutes). It’s very high energy full of crazy guitar riffs, bangin’ drums and loud shouts. I kinda want to destroy something and then dance all over it as I listen to this song.

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