Although I had never seen the Local Natives perform, I had streamed some of their music and was totally diggin’ their psych-rockin’-folk vibe. Little did I know that their on-stage live performance would surpass their audio capabilities. I absolutely love when a band sounds even better live than through the magical ways of audiotune. Even more so, I love when an opening band steels the show from the headliner.

Local Natives opened up with Glass Ghost for White Rabbits this past Monday, Nov. 2 at the El Rey Theatre. These up-and-coming Angelinos absolutely killed it! There was so much on-stage camaraderie between all five them. Whether they were switching up instruments from drums, to keys, all the way to guitar—or smiling as they sang their hearts out through the same mic, and at times even guitar punching each others chords—I totally fell in love with this band. Their high energy is insanely infectious as they incited a series of rockin’ grooves and sways for us to dance upon the show floor.

Each with unique vocals that harmonize so smoothly in the likes of 60’s doo-wop, Local Natives all contribute their vocal stylings. It’s not just one lead singer with a set of back-up vocals like most rock bands. These guys all chime in!

With each and every member of Local Natives extremely talented, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the bearded dude! Kelcey Ayer, belting out vocals and coordinating a ferocious simultaneous play of both keys and percussion—this guys is a fuckin’ amazing. Not to mention, he totally jammed out the psychedelic fuzz as he switched up to the guitar at the end of their set. Sheer radness!

Local Natives have now become one of my newest favorites, and not only in the LA scene, but all over. Go see their live show! Get their new EP, it’s only available at the moment in the UK, but you can always pick it up at their shows.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker