“Grunge is Dead” read Murph’s shirt, the drummer of Dinosaur Jr. as we all sat upstairs at the House of Blues Sunset having a smoke. I remember Dinosaur Jr. as the coolest thing in the 90’s when grunge and alternative rock was in its prime. We’d blast their tapes in my parent’s garage along with a bevy of other punk bands we enjoyed back in the day. It’s great to see these guys thrashin’ it up again and blowing our ears off with their crazy-loud-ass jams!

As I walked out the door to head back to the stage, Murph said “I hope you brought your ear plugs.” I smiled and thought to myself, “I never wear ear plugs.” Stupid me! Had I fogotten how insanely loud these guys were! With walls of amps, guitarist J. Mascis and bassist Lou Barlow (who also opened up with a great show) strike chords so loud they can blow a roof off.

My ears were ringing 48 hours later as I questioned the idea of “hearing voices.” No matter where I went, I heard Dinosaur Jr. playing in my right ear those whole two days after! Shit was so loud, but I loved every minute of it.

Words, Photos and Vid: Sandy B.