The Raveonettes at the Henry Fonda Theatre – Photos and Video Review

Touring in support of their new album, “In & Out of Control,” The Raveonettes played a smokin’ show this past Friday, Nov. 13 the Henry Fonda Theatre. The Danish mod-rockers played to a medium sized crowd. I was surprised the show didn’t attract a larger audience. The mezzanine was totally empty, but the show floor was packed. Amidst the crazy lighting, smoke filters and spastic strobes, The Raveonettes played both their darker, shoegaze stylings, as well as their most recent bubbly tracks from “In & Out of Control.”

With both vocalists Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner holding such sweet melodic voices, at times I couldn’t tell who’s vocals were who’s! Wagner sings in such a cute feminine manner I always had to remind myself he’s a dude! The two looked so great wailing on their guitars for a brief minute of psychedelia towards the end of their set. It was pretty damn sweet.

I was surprised at how many teenie boppers there were at the show. I had no idea The Raveonettes were so popular amongst High Schoolers, must be the new album. I just about stepped on the lil Asian girl behind me. She was practically riding my ass! Take note kiddies: crowding up to someone with just about an inch of space in between will not give you a better view.

With tambourine in hand and a background of psyched out guitar, The Raveonettes brought the crowd into a sweet soul-clap once they played  “Break up Girls.” While the heavy “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed),” got the crowd gyrating to what comes off as a happy tune, I don’t think they noticed what this song is about. Awesome tune and it was pretty hot seeing the sultry Sharin Foo say the word “fuckers” repeatedly through out the  chorus.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos and Video: Craig Parker

The Raveonettes – “Love is a Trashcan”


3 thoughts on “The Raveonettes at the Henry Fonda Theatre – Photos and Video Review

  1. Sandy Post author

    I totally agree. Was a great show, and with less people, I imaging more comfortable to be a part of the crowd. Unless you were being butt humped by some tween like I was. lol

  2. Crystal

    I was totally surprised about the young fans as well! I think the smaller crowd was due to there being SO MANY southern california shows. They were all split up between them all. I have a lot of friends who went to the Orange County show but I attended LA since it was on a weekend. Last time I saw them at the Fonda was January of this year and it was completely packed (including the balcony!) I even saw Drew Barrymore there that time. Maybe next time they play they will only have one of 2 shows and everyone will attend those, I do think it effects the vibe a but but the performance did not suffer at all. They are still at the top of their game. 🙂

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