Five Things You’ll do This Thanksgiving

We’ve all fallen victim at some point or another. Here’s five things I’m sure you’ll do this Thanksgiving. Gobble! Gobble!


  • Party at your hometown bar with old high school friends the night before Thanksgiving. Put on the fake smile and get ready for the endless, “How are you’s, where you at these days, you look great, blah, blah.”
  • Wake up in an unfamiliar bed with a massive hangover on Thanksgiving morning. It always begins with, “I’m gonna take it easy tonight.” Before you know it you’re slammin’ Cazodores with your ex!
  • Walk of shame (or taxi of shame) back to your car where you left it at the bar.
  • Pass out on your parent’s couch from turkey tryptophan overload after your Thanksgiving meal, wishing everyone would just leave so you could use the bathroom in peace!

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