Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Joe Perry Supergroup?

jimmy_page-picIf this shit happens, this just may be the supergroup of all supergroups! Step aside Dead Weather and Monsters of Folk, it’s time for the true pioneers to form like Voltron and rock are faces off! Rumor has it that Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, along with Joe Perry and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith are planning some sort of guitar army supergroup? According to engineer Kevin Shirley, something along those lines is in the works.

Looks like some competition for Them Crooked Vultures up ahead.

Read the full story at MusicRadar.com.

One thought on “Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Joe Perry Supergroup?

  1. Gordon

    I think Music Radar is just practicing poor reading comprehension on that paragraph, or perhaps Mr. Shirley is practicing poor punctuation.

    He said that he has recorded all of those guitarists. Then he says later that he is producing a supergroup. Nowhere does it say that those people are in this supergroup.

    Poor rumor mongering on Musicradar’s part. I expect a clarification soon.

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