Opening the album up with French Horn Rebellion’s “Up All Night,” I thought I was a contestant on some cheesy Japanese game show! Cute-fun song, but a lil too cheesy for me to actually enjoy. It did however, act as the catalyst to blast-off an album full of joyous and sexy tracks that will evoke the inner dancer in you. I just wanted to jump on my bed in my underoos as I listened to “Kitsuné Maison 8.” Needless to say, for all you darker, trance lovers, “Kitsuné Maison 8” still delivers the goods with Siriusmo’s “High Together” and Beni’s “Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix).” Both tracks reek of hypnotic thumps set to throw your mind in a sea of trance.


A Few Favs:

The Drums: “Let’s Go Surfing” – With a playful whistle introducing the song, I hear a lil Pete Bjorn and John here. I love the fun lyrics and cute vocals coming from these Brooklyn rockers!

Le Corps Mince de Françoise: “Something Golden” – Sexy, sassy and exotic. This track comes from one of Finland’s hottest pop-rockers. They will get your booty movin’ across the dance floor!

Midnight Juggernauts: “This New Technology” – Back to the cheese with this track. As I listen to the disco-like soudscape, a picture of Napoleon Dynamite sashaying in a purple leotard rolls through my head. It makes me wanna take part in some silly ass shaking. Love it!

Memory Tapes – “Bicycle” – I dig. Running a lil over five minutes, this exotic track is full of sexy dance vibes and melodic twists. Very fuckin awesome, and they’re from dirty Jerz! lol

Crystal Fighters: “I Love London” – Beat for treat, bass thump for bass fuzz, this track is bangin’! Hailing from Spain, this spicy ensemble will light a fire under your feet! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Once again, I’m thoroughly impressed with yet another knock-out compilation coming from Kitsuné. If you like the good beats and struttin’ your groove thang on a sexy dance floor, you best get this album if you know what’s good! Yours Nov. 30th!