The XX at Henry Fonda Theatre – Video and Review

The XX Henry Fonda Theatre 2009

Wow. How have I not caught on to this stellar band until Wednesday, Nov. 21 at the Henry Fonda Theatre? The XX is a beautiful mixture of sexy, delicate and sensual music — a lil bittersweet and at times arousing. Opening up for Friendly Fires, it was pretty evident that at least half the crowd there was for The XX. Hailing from London, the three-piece has gained quite the mass of fans with the release of their self-titled debut album XXreleased in August of 2009.


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Talk about sensual, their music evokes those warm tingly feelings resting inside you. At times it makes you wish you were making sweet love all night. Female singer guitarist Romy Madley Croft has the sexiest and sweetest vocals, while her co-part/bassist Oliver Sim, is right up there with the vocals to match. The two creat the most enchanting live performance, you can’t help but be enamored with them — whether male or female, the XX attracts all.

Words: Sandy B.

Video: Craig Parker

Check out the live footage of “Infinity” below. This is song is my favorite. It’s so very vulnerable, yet sexy. Truly seven minutes of heaven.


Another crowd pleaser, “Islands” You can totally hear how both Croft and Sim complement each other so well. Whether they’re in a duet or playing off each others vocals, it’s the ultimate goods.

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