Opening up for The Black Hollies at Bottom of the Hill in in San Francisco, So Cal indie rockers The Shys, played a fun show this past Saturday, Dec. 5. I absolutely loved their 70’s inspired stage sign that read loudly, “The Shys.” That shit was pretty glam!

Repping one of my favorite spots in So Cal, San Clemente, The Shys played a fun set of rock n’ roll. Down with skateboarding, this show was part of their December West Coast Tour presented by C1RCA. They couldn’t have picked a more welcoming venue considering Bottom of the Hill is always poppin’ with local skaters.

The Shys put on a pretty rockin’ show, but since I was here to cover The Black Hollies I didn’t didn’t get to take-in their entire set (due to some other fun distractions). But I’d definitely check these guys out again to give them a proper review and more photos.

Photos: Kara E. Murphy