One of my favorite things about San Diego, besides the weather and the Mexican food, is easily, The Creepy Creeps! With names like Dr. Creepenstein, the Creepture, Dia de Los Creep, and Creepula, you know these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and are all about having a good time.They never disappoint and with two go-go dancers and two luchadore mask clad hype-men—every show turns into one big dance party.

These surf-garage rockers have been filling the dance floors of San Diego dive bars for the past 10 years. They have just released their 4th  full length album (their 1st on Dionysus Records) “Fink About It!” this past Halloween. Hopefully with this new exposure they will be able to get the dance party started in your neighborhood soon.

Photos and Words: El Big Swig