Los Angeles got quite the aural treat last Wednesday, Dec. 16, when San Francisco rockers, Big Light, came out to shred The Mint. Playing a midnight set, it was well worth the wait (and the morning hangover). With an EP released in 2008, Big Light has made quite the name for themselves playing numerous shows and festivals such as Wanderlust and Outside Lands to name a few. Additionally these guys have a pretty large and loyal following out in SF and I can totally see why; they’re fuckin’ good.

Hot-on-the-heels of releasing their first full-length LP in early 2010, I was stoked to hear some of their new tunes. Whoa! Shit was fuckin’ loud and full of psychedelic fuzz. I was surprised since their EP is way more mellow and kind of pigeonholes them as a “jam band.” Their new tunes are very rock n roll, full of vibrating sound and a sea of amazing textures—a positive step for Big Light, adding much more diversity to their already gifted musical palette.

Front-man Fred Torphy’s vocals are distinctly hot! They flow so smoothly with a sweet alluring quality, you can’t help but stare as he sings into the mic. But don’t get too fixated, lead guitarist Jeremy Korpas is quite the ripper. To say he’s a “good guitarist” would be an understatement. Korpas fleshes out an incredible (and loud) sound full of raw rock riffs, psychedelic guitar and echoing textures sure to give you a tripped-out lust for the wah wahs. Keeping it smooth and precise, bassist Steve Adams, also of ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra), lays down the beats with his smooth bass thumps, all while anchoring the sweet harmony of Big Light. Whether putting down a slow and steady set of drums or thrashing out till we saw multiple drumsticks, Bradly Bifulco holds it down proper! His skill and obvious joy behind the drums are the backbone that keeps it all fluid and together.

You wanna hear some good ole rock n’ roll with no fabrications? Check out Big Light. After seeing their live show and the new songs they performed, these boys are set to gain a whole new slew of fans, in addition to the ones that already love em’.

Words: Sandy B.
Photos: Craig Parker