Radiohead at Fonda Music Box (Benefit for Haiti) – Show Review and Videos

***UPDATE: Download the entire show here!*****

For those that were able to shell out $475-a-pop to attend Radiohead’s benefit show for Haiti last night at the Fonda Music Box, they can probably mark last night’s show of about 1300 fans as their best one yet. Raising a total of $572,754 with the highest bidder having purchased two tickets for $4k, not only was the Radiohead’s performance jaw-dropping, but there was a great feeling going around the Music Box—music has a magical effect to bring people together and help those that are in need, such as Haiti. Lucky for me, I was able to attend this memorable show since I was the winner of their Twitter contest!

Photo: Lindsey Best

Amongst a crowd full of deep-pockets, celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron, Flea, Rosanna Arquette, Daniel Craig, Anna Paquin, Aziz Ansari, Famke Janssen, and many more were up in the mix, rockin’ out for a good cause. With Radiohead booked just three days before their amazing performance at the Fonda Music Box, everyone involved did a fabulous job pulling off this coveted event.

Radiohead played a total of 24 songs, including two encores! Lucky attendees were also stoked to hear their new song “Lotus Flower“(check out the vid below). Their entire set was hypnotizing and evoked various emotions, from the touching “Fake Plastic Trees,” where guitarist, Jonny Greenwood went all sorts of gnarly psyche on his axe, all the way to Thom Yorke’s beautiful piano solo in “Everything In Its Right Place,” there were numerous favorites for everyone!

Rendering an epic bassline and psychedelic guitar full of serious wah-wahs, “National Anthem” was the shit! While “Karma Police” brought joyous fans singing along to the chorus, “Morning Bell” was enchanting live and brought shivers down my spine.

As for “The Bends,“dayum! It was full of chaotic blaring guitars. If you were in the font-lines and didn’t pack your earplugs, I’m sure your ears are still fuzzrocked this morning.

Radiohead’s new song “Lotus Flower,” as expected, is pretty amazing. Yorke busts out some serious falsetto and it sounds great.

Closing up with a haunting”Street Spirit,” the action didn’t stop at the Music Box. With the afterparty taking place for some 150 VIPs, I found myself dancing up a storm with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and actress Rosanna Arquette. Flea had some fun moves to Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum,” while Arquette grooved to The Doors’ “Peace Frog” (my fav). Even Yorke and the rest of the band were cruising the floor!

All in all, it was a stellar event and a lot of money was raised for Haiti ($572,754)! Big thanks to Thad at the Music Box and his kick-ass staff! And a THANK YOU to Radiohead too! It was amazing.

Check more photos out here!

Words: Sandy B.

Radiohead “Lotus Flower” (new song)


Radiohead “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”


Radiohead “Everything In It’s Right Place” (Thom piano solo=beautiful)


“Faust Arp”
“Fake Plastic Trees”
“National Anthem”
“Karma Police”
“Kid A”
“Morning Bell”
“How To Disappear Completely”
“Wolf At The Door”
“The Bends”
“Body Snatchers”
“Dollars & Cents”
“Exit Music (For A Film)”
(1st encore)
“Everything In Its Right Place”
“You and Whose Army?”
“Pyramid Song”
“All I Need”
(2nd encore)
“Lotus Flower”
“Paranoid Android”
“Street Spirit”

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  7. Jahmez

    Damn good show , and how fortunate for you to catch them… I got to say your synopsis on the evening induced envy but it was well deserved…thanks for the inside happenings , they provided some good imagery…

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