San Diego’s Hotel St. George came out to LA last week to rock the Silverlake Lounge. I got tuned on to these boys when they’re last album “City Boy Lemon” came across my inbox. Instantly, I couldn’t get over front-man, Matt Binder’s distinct vocals. They have that unusual Jello Biafra sound, but Matt brings it in a more charming way.

Hotel st. George, composed of four young talents that know how to get the crowd dancing, made some bold changes with their line-up and their new record “Funshine Line.” Their lead guitar player from “City Boy Lemon” moved to the keyboards and bass synthesizer, while their bass player moved to lead guitar. After hearing them play a fun and very loud set at the Silverlake Lounge, I gotta say, it was a positive move and goes to shows these guys can handle anything.

Their new song “Little Childrens Bones” is pretty damn awesome. It’s full of atmospheric synth and dreamy background vocals. I felt like I was in a prom scene in an 80′ movie with a cool New Wave band playing on stage. But it ain’t all 80’s tunage with Hotel St. George, the quartet plays with a diverse pallet of sound from punk to indie and a lil bit of psych, it’s all fun rock n’ roll. The boys get a little more raw and real with “That’s Why I Drink Every Night.” If you’re a bit down, this is the song you want to grab a bottle of whiskey to and shout along with the chorus.

Back to the old line-up the guitarist and keyboards switch it up for their last song of the show “All The Children Go Wild.” This song is just a wild fuckin’ rock out and probably my fav on their new album “Funshine Line.” The back-up vocals are full of energy with friendly “oh oh ohs” and “oooh, oooh, ooohs,” they really make the song stand out. Not to mention the drums and guitar go wild! Great song and an even better way to end a fun show. Hotel St. George knows to bring it. Stay tuned for a full album review of “Funshine Line.”

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker