Soko at Fonda Music Box – Show Review and Photo Gallery

Holy shit this lil girl is a feisty lil firecracker! Opening up for Nouvelle Vague a few weeks ago at the Fonda Music Box, French singer-song writer, Soko, brought smiles to our faces with her spunky folk tunes. At times those smiles dropped to open-mouths, shocked at the words coming out of this lil cutie’s mouth.

With a sweet raspy voice, Soko would sing songs about heartbreak and how men had done her wrong but those vulnerable words had the bipolar ability to switch into some dirty-sex-crazed lyrics where she’d shout out “fuck me” and her love for a certain man’s “dick.” From childlike songs such as “I Wanna Look Like a Tiger” to naughty songs like “My Wet Dreams,” it was like Seaseme Street on tourettes! The shit was weird and I totally enjoyed it.

Performing on stage with her she had a variety of friends playing various instruments and singing back-up. Although some looked like they had the slightest clue as to what the fuck they were doing up there (like the lanky redhead) it was funny to see lil Soko bossing them around. It was also cool to see trumpet man, Stewart Cole from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros lend some killer brass.

Awesome show, and I definitely dug it more than the headliner Nouvelle Vague.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

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