Sweden’s El Perro Del Mar played an extraordinary set at The Troubadour last week with support from fellow Swede, Taken By Trees. Leading lady, Sarah Assbring has such sweet, yet melancholic vocals that sparkle to a lo-fi sound. With subtle instrumentals consisting of just a bass guitar, delicate guitar strings and some rhythmic drum rolls guided by the sultry voice of Assbring her song  “Change of Heart” was like being in a dreamlike state with echoing sounds bubbling about.

As Assbring gently bounced onto the stage to perform the very endearing “Let Me In” she gracefully danced across the floor with a tambourine in hand to the tune of this sensual song. Whether  it was the flowing sleeves of her satin dress, the smootheness of the bass guitar or her soft body movements, there was something so very fluid and ethereal about this performance. It was really quite lovely to watch and the crowd was truly engaged.

Check out the photos and video below from El Perro Del Mar‘s  performance at The Troubadour.

Words:  Sandy B.

Photos and Video: Craig Parker