So this is what makes the panties of lil teenage girls wet … Aussie pop-rockers, The Temper Trap came to play a tween filled show last week at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Although I was there for one of my favorite LA bands, Darker My Love, I did stay for a few songs of Temper Trap. I’m not gonna lie, I totally felt like I was on an episode of the new “90210.” Either that or an episode of MTV’s TRL (do they still have that show?).

Although, font-man Dougie Mandagi has quite an impressive set of pipes and sweet harmony, The Temper Trap are way to popalicious for my selective ears. But the kids in the crowd loved them. Little girls were yelling at the top of their lungs as though it were a Beatles show back in the early 60’s. The band reminded me of an edgier, more rock ‘n roll, and less douchey version of ‘N Sync. Anywho, peep the photos below!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker