Straight from Brooklyn, the Miniature Tigers came to bring their NY indie rock to The Troubadour as they opened up for The Morning Benders. These guys exude an intoxicating energy and they’re totally a pleasure to the eyes and ears. It’s always nice when the band’s all smiles and truly looks like they’re enjoying what they’re doing on stage and Miniature Tigers did just that; bringing in a sweet and inviting ambiance.

Miniature Tigers can take you through a sweet melodic melody that has the calming effect of a lullaby or throw you into an 80s disco with electro keys and vocals that will lure your hips into a sonic groove. With a soft blend of acoustic guitars and sexy bass lines, the boys can also ride a wave of surf inspired rock or close it all up with some thrashing drums and guitars sure to leave your ears with a bit of an echo. These guys sure know how to bring the diversity!

P.S. The bass player kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal … super cute.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Wei Shi