Delorean at Echoplex – Photo Gallery Review

Have you heard of Delorean? You should if you know what’s good for you. They’re the hottest thing out of Spain (next to their fine women). With a fun jam of dance beats and indie pop, these guys remind me a bit of Passion Pit, but less happy-go-lucky-candy-poppy if you know what I mean. They’re beats and ambient sound mixtures are a bit more mature without the whiny vocals and appeal to those that love to dance in up in the indie clubs. These guys need to throw a huge Ibiza style beach party this summer in Cali! It would be some fun wild shit.

Check out the photos from Delorean’s awesome show at the Echoplex!

P.S. These guys are all really good looking. Sexy Spaniards indeed.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

Click on thumbnails to go BIG!

3 thoughts on “Delorean at Echoplex – Photo Gallery Review

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