Darrelle London is so damn cute.  I saw her open for V.V. Brown at the Troubadour on May 12th and enjoyed every moment of it.  She sings adorable, clever songs that had the crowd grinning and whispering “did you hear what she sang?” to each other.  I never thought a blond girl in a little dress at a keyboard would be refreshing, but Darrel London is doing something different up there, and it’s more than “neat.”  She sang about why musicians are difficult to date in her song “Selfish”, and has an adorable authenticity when singing about heartache that Zooey Deschanel now lacks since she’s gone off and married Ben Gibbard.

I wanted to grab her CD (which her dad was selling at the merch table! cuuuute!!) but it’s not “out” yet, so I swore I’d keep my eye on her and tell everyone I know about her.

Words and Crackberry Shots: Roxy Roknian