It’s always a good sign when the crowd at a show looks fantastic, and let me tell you, V.V. Brown’s fans look almost as fabulous as she does.

I saw her at the Troubadour on May 12th and Darrelle London was the opener.  After London’s ultra-sweet, super-twee set finished, a new energy filled the room.  A band of six dudes on guitars, bass, drums, and brass played V.V. onto the stage where all sorts of percussion were waiting for her hands.  The energy was thrilling and V.V. not only looks amazing (bare feet, painted face, and a Rude Girl Egyptian Pharaoh Rock n Roll Goddess dress!) but she sounds better than you can believe.  The retro stylings and big band feel of the music, along with V.V.’s big gorgeous voice will make you say “Amy Wine-who?”

V.V. sings a slew of love songs while you’re falling in love with her act, like  “L.O.V.E.”, which is fierce and fun, and “I Love You,” a strong but whimsical ballad. She also sings about ex-boyfriends she totally hates (she called him a dickhead like five times before the song started) and is not only super sweet but totally relatable.  She is a best-friend-dance-party.  I personally loved “Back in Time,” where she uses synths and loops to have the best back up vocals from the year 3000, the song was written on the toilet and inspired by a physicist she used to date.  She even covered Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” with her brass band to make the best version of that song I’ve ever heard.  I also loved “Shark in the Water” and “Cryin’ Blood,” which she remixed, mid-song, in a third- wave-ska-kind-of-way, to pay homage to her Jamaican roots.

Keep your eye on V.V. Brown and look out for the US release of her record, “Traveling like the Light,” it’s too much fun to pass up.

Words and Crackberry Shots: Roxy Roknian