“We Are Born” by Sia – Album Review

I try not to be one of those people that just loves the hit, but I can’t help it sometimes. I’ve been adoring Sia’s “Buttons” off her 2008 album “Some People Have Real Problems” since the first time I heard it, and the creepy awesome video only makes me love it more. Her latest studio album is called “We Are Born” and since lots of people I adore love Sia, I was excited to see what she’s dishin’ out.

“We Are Born” feels like a pop dance album, which makes sense since Sia’s a really cute, clever pop singer. But, I’m looking for a hook and this record doesn’t always deliver that. “Bring Night” is fiercely fun and catchy, and does give me a hook to grab onto and shake around with. I really enjoy “Hurting Me Now,” and we get a delightful ballad in “Be Good To Me,” with retro stylings and impressive vocal ability. The album peaks in the middle, but I’m too impatient for all the other stuff.

Ultimately, it’s an album of songs begging to be remixed for a club, which I’m sure will happen and I’m sure lots of people will enjoy. I’m just not really one of those people.

Sia is set to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 the day after the release of “We Are Born.” You can get FREE tickets here.

Words: Roxy Roknian

Artist: Sia
Album: “We Are Born”
Label: Monkey Puzzle/JIVE Records
Release Date: June 22, 2010

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