“History From Below”by Delta Spirit – Album Review

People keep talking about how awesome Long Beach is, you know, besides the flea markets and the aquarium. There’s some fantastic music coming out of Long Beach including Delta Spirit who have been blowing my mind with their latest album “History From Below,” which was released on June 8, 2010 via Rounder Records.

Grab Delta Spirits new album and lock into your sense of adventure. Listen to the stellar track “Golden State and hop on the dreaded 405 towards Long Beach, and sing along: “good friends remain, even through the pain of a long road ahead.” Trust, you won’t even recognize the smorgasbord of traffic you’re stuck in while listening to this blues-rockin’ ode to Cali.

Delta Spirit merges my love for sweet melodies and big ambitious sounds with my ongoing lust for blues and good old fashioned American rock and roll. The result leaves me weak in the knees and overjoyed all at once. Each song builds a little music video party scene in my head; with the sweet moments at the end of a BBQ lining up with the riffs of “Bushwick Blues” and an outdoor concert at dusk with strings of lights and lots of dancing to “White Table.”

Delta Spirit are like your new good friends, offering earnest indie rock with a rootsy ramshackle heart. This record isn’t just for the summertime, good friends are forever! They’ll take you down long roads into the cold weather and back out to Spring again. They’ll fill the spot in your heart left gaping open after you broke up with Modest Mouse all those years ago and make you feel whole again. 

Words: Roxy Roknian

Artist: Delta Spirit
Album: History from Below
Label: Rounder Records
Release Date: June 8, 2010

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