Hellz Yeah!!! Crocodiles! Now this was a damn good freaking show!  After being bored through two opening bands my spirit was awakened in half a second or less.  I’m talking about last Thursday July 1, 2010 at the Echo where Crocodiles opened for Dum Dum Girls.  This San Diego band was so refreshing! Although their sound is something we’ve all heard before, that 60s garage rock mix of The Hives/The Ramones, their stage presence had me and the entire audience hypnotized and feeling frisky.

Have you seen these guys? Apparently Grimy Goods covered them last year but I had never seen them before and now I will see every show I have the opportunity to experience.  By the end of the first song the audience that was docile and chattering through the previous bands was now transformed giving this band their full attention.  I even saw a girl or two being dragged out by security.  Yeah, this band has that effect as music should.  I found it very hard to pull my gaze away from all the band members doing what they do best. It’s hard not to move to songs like “Neon Jesus” with that funky bass line and energetic vocals. I only have two words and some hyphens and such to say about this band… Rock-n-Roll!!!

Random thoughts on a show by Roxanne Hilburn

Photos: Wei Shi

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