Last Thursday’s Dum Dum Girls show on July 1, 2010 at The Echo was sold out as it should be for such pretty eye candy.  First, I’ll say all the things you expect one to say if you’ve been to one of their shows: sexy girls, cute black outfits, sexy stockings, lots of lipstick, hipster haircuts, okay done.  The simple yet genius idea of adding an all girl line-up in costume has transformed this band.  Their 60s pop sound reminds me of The Ronettes only more modern and less PG.   Singer Dee Dee snarls out the lyrics and you know she’s consciously thinking and feeling what she’s saying as she grits her teeth.

Their sound is created by vintage guitars, sweet harmonies, and drum beats that are fun but pretty much just a variation of the same beats from one song to the next.  The ladies opened the show with a cover of  The Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire” which although is very pretty it kind of wasn’t the energy I was expecting of an opening song.  The audience seemed very pleased to hear the single “Jail La La” and showed this pleasure by jumping up and down and yelling woohoos! These gorgeous girls are on tour all over the planet for the next few months so catch them if you can.  It’s worth it.

Random words by Roxanne Hilburn

Photos: Wei Shi

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