Sleigh Bells at the El Rey Theatre – Photo Gallery & Review

Last Wednesday Sleigh Bells headlined a sold out show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. They played the week before with LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip at Hollywood Bowl but it’s clear that LA fans needed an additional dose of the noise pop duo.

With several giant Marshall amps stacked behind them, Alexis Krauss sang the sugary pop vocals while Derek Miller annihilated anthemic riffs on guitar. A smiling Alexis teetered on the edge of the stage and sang into the thrilled crowd of dancing fans. If I could equate Sleigh Bell’s music to a type of person it’d be a sassy punk cheerleader: adorably sweet but she’d kick your ass in a heartbeat if you gave her any attitude.

They played an incredible set that opened with “Tell ‘Em,” and ended with “Crown on the Ground.”  Their debut album, “Treats,” clocked in around 30 minutes so, unfortunately, their show went by way too quickly. It felt like a playful tease that they left us without an encore. Here’s to hoping Sleigh Bells crank out a second album soon so they can make us dance ‘til we drop.

Words & Photos: Wei Shi

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