“A Headful Of Stars” by The Sails – Album Review

The title “A Headful of Stars” provides a great image to go with the dreamy Britpop heard in the new album by The Sails. Yet another 60s psych flashback band out of the U.K., The Sails is led by Michael Gagliano of the band Epic, along with a little help from an ever changing ensemble of musicians. As far as this genre of music goes, this album nails it. The first track “I’m Only Bleeding” is a catchy tune that I picture a few mod looking teens packed into a little car driving through the streets of London laughing and causing trouble. The instruments and effects used to create these tunes are those that were also popular in the 60s psych music movement such as sitars and plenty of reverb. I guess those are the tools needed when recreating a specific sound such as this, and they do it beautifully. The song “Dogs” makes me feel like I’ve heard it before as it is familiar in an Oasis kind of way. I do like track number four simply titled “Intermission” and it is just that. A 45-second little jam providing a break in the album. Although I feel the “intermission” should arrive at track six in this 12-track record, instead of at track four. Don’t you agree?  Still I appreciate the thought they put into providing the listener with an experience, even a small experience like a little intermission. It’s album listening art!

Strangely, some of the tracks like “In My Head” and “The Man Who Broke In Half” sound like musical theater pieces. I can imagine them sung in a stage play in the late 60s or early 70s. Give it a listen and see if you feel the same. The song “Yesterday and Today” sounds exactly like the Beach Boys song “God Only Knows” even the lyrics are similar which makes me think it must be inspired by it.  I mean it is waaaay too close not to be. Check it out.

Album Essay by: Roxanne Hilburn

Artist: The Sails
Album: “A Headful of Stars”
Label: Rainbow Quartz
Release Date: November 16, 2010

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