Last Wednesday night Matt Costa returned to Southern California to end his tour in his hometown of Orange County, Calif. Before he took the stage at the House of Blues in Anaheim, openers Everest rocked the house and got the crowd ready and pumped for the main act.

Finally it was time for Costa to take the stage. The sounds of his guitar were flowing through the venue, but Costa was no where to be seen on stage. Cheers started coming from the back and we all realized he was coming from the side entrance. He made his way into the crowd and continued to play “Miss Magnolia.” The crowd sang along and it set the perfect mood of warmth and friendly comfort for the remainder of the show.

Costa continued to play old favorites and new songs off his latest album, Mobile Chateau. A few people even shouted requests and he happily played the songs just for them. On stage with him were the Mother Sons straight from Memphis, Tennessee. They brought an assortment of instruments with them, including a banjo and a washboard. His lovely wife was also helping with backing vocals. After a near two hours of live performance, the show wrapped up with Everest joining Matt and the Mother Sons on stage and performing one last song. The energy from everyone was the perfect way to end the night and wrap up his Mobile Chateau Tour.

Words and Photos: Ivette Orenos