Top 10 Record Reissues of 2010

The best part about being a record collector in this day and age is that everything is being reissued! Seriously! That record I found on Ebay for like 80 bucks? Snatched up in reissue form – with better sound quality at that! Gotta love it. With only a couple of exceptions, here are my favorite record reissues of 2010.

By: Alex Roman

  • Milton Nascimento – Clube da Esquina (4 Men With Beards)
  • Lo Borges – S/T (4 Men With Beards) – Both of these records (above mentioned) are beyond beautiful, and 4 Men With Beards is doing a great job of picking amazing records that need to be reissued, e.g.
  • Television – Marquee Moon – The three Big Star studio albums and Chris Bell’s I am the Cosmos.
  • The Amps – Pacer (Plain) – I may have liked this record before I really began liking the Breeders, now I see how much GBV-influenced it was.
  • Galaxie 500: Today / On Fire / This Is Our Music (Domino/20-20-20) – Dean Wareham!
  • Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (ATP) – An excellent case in point about having to pay too much on Ebay. Some more Spiritualized reissues are due in 2011!
  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange/Now I Got Worry/Controversial Negro (Majordomo) – As far as I know, these are not on vinyl but they should be. At any rate, I love Jon Spencer and all these records are great!
  • Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition) (Sony) – Classic Miles and this set looks beyond ridiculous.
  • The Cure – Disintegration (Deluxe Edition) (Rhino) – Arguably The Cure’s best record!
  • The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street (Deluxe Edition) (Universal) – It’s easy to get tired of the Stones as people, but their musical legacy is beyond reproach.

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