The Black Ryder at The Echo: January 14, 2011 – Photos & Show Review

Looking absolutely gorgeous and badass dressed all in black, Australia’s The Black Ryder took the stage for their very first Los Angeles show at The Echo last Friday night January 14, 2011. The duo Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper (both ex-Morning After Girls) created some psychedelic jams that had me in a trance. When this duo performs on stage they fill out the empty positions with musician friends from other bands. Bands that usually have the ever popular band name word Black somewhere in the name. Yes, I believe there is a secret society of these Black bands that congregate together. However, tonight’s roll call included Australian transplant Hayden Scott on drums, which some of you might know if you ever rehearsed at Atwater Deluxe, as well as this extremely hot girl on bass. Who was that chick anyway?

The band started their set with the gritty song “Grass” which properly set the mood with that drone heavy sound that is the signature of the psychedelic revival movement. Adding some variety to the whole experience the duo sings together or alternates lead vocals from one song to another. Nash’s soft vocals on the song “Outside” were as light as a feather, and it didn’t hurt that she looked really great singing it. Seriously, I noticed the mostly male populated audience adoring her every move, as well as my girl crush growing even larger. The tail end of the set was a clump of slower songs like “Sweet Come Down” which inspires feelings of the old west at high noon, a sweet sounding song indeed. This song was followed by “The “Greatest Fall,” with music that sounded like it was inspired by that really beautiful instrumental that makes me cry every time “Sleepwalk” cut with vocals like Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You.” All good things! The audience was entranced by the subtle shoe gaze style performance. Although the performers did not jump around like banshees, the music still packed in lots of energy with a life of its own.

The Black Ryder’s next shows includes the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco, and the ever increasing in popularity small-fest-gone-blow-up, (put on by another band with the word Black in their name) the Austin Psych Fest. Catch them as you never know who will be sharing the stage with these talented Australians.

Show Experience by Roxanne Hilburn

Photos: Dominoe Farris- Gilbert

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