We just announced a couple days ago, that Those Darlins have booked a show at the Satellite and now the lil vixens have dropped a playful new video for “I Wanna Be Your Bro.” Sticking with the same creative talent that designed their sexy new cover art, the video was also directed by Veta & Theo. It’s full of awesome lyrics relative to when a girl “just wants to be friends” with a boy who fancies her …. *sigh

The girls just released their new 7″, Be Your Bro, and it’s pretty rad. The single features its title track and “Let U Down.” Both songs are featured on their forthcoming album, Screws Get Loose, coming at you on March 29 via Oh Wow Dang. DO NOT miss Those Darlins’ show at the Satellite on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. Tickets are only $12 and open to those 21-and-over.

Check out Those Darlins’ new video for “Be Your Bro” below. It’s cute and sexy and has some sweet booty and bra shots!

“I just wanna play in the dirt with you, you just wanna stick it in … I may have girly parts, but I got a booooy’s heart”