Photo: Pedro J. Marin at Lagarto Rock ’09

I gotta admit, out of all the many bands playing SXSW, Guadalupe Plata is at the top of my list for MUST-SEE bands. I had written about the grimy blues duo back in January and was totally pyched and enthralled by their hard hittin’ blue rock. These guys roar with the madness of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with the thick Mississippi blues flavor of John Lee Hooker. Their riffs are muddy as hell and reverberate all the wildness of real rock and roll. The kind of shit your mama warned you about.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Guadalupe Plata before they made the long flight to SXSW! Check out what they had to say below:

  • How many SXSWes have you done?
    This is our second time in a row, hope it’s not the last one.
  • What showcases are you doing this year?
    Around nine showcases. It seems that the first one on Tuesday got canceled but we’re still receiving e-mails asking us to take part in day parties. All the dates are available in the flier that’s heading our Myspace (
  • What bands do you want to see at SXSW year?
    Scott H Biram, Wanda Jackson, Legendary Shack Shakers… All we may see in these crazy days.
  • What word of advice would you give to newbie SXSWers?
    Welcome to the jungle.
  • SXSW drink of choice?
    Lone Star, Shiner on tap, and free buzz.

Words: Sandra Burciaga