Young Angelino, by way of numerous other geographical locations, J. Irvin Dally is one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets. With his lovely and genuine voice, Dally’s music shines with well traveled melodies that toy with various elements of folk, psyche and even a little bit of pop love hear-and-there. His music can lull you to a relaxed almost meditated state of mind or bounce around from each limb on you body with his heavy reverberated guitar jangles. Be sure to check this gem out at SXSW!


  • How many SXSWes have you done?
    This will actually be my first SXSW, even in attendance. I’ve never had the chance to go to Austin for this before
  • What’s your favorite thing about SXSW? Least favorite?
    I assume my favorite thing will be getting to see friends from different parts of the country in one spot.
    Least favorite, so far is buying the plane ticket.
  • What showcases are you doing this year?
    My first show is the Invisible Children showcase, it’s sort of a busking showcase but it’s happening everyday.
    The night of the 16th I have my official SXSW showcase at TenOak and then on the 18th I’m playing the Crash Avenue / Ghost Town showcase at Agave Bar
  • What bands/performers do you want to see at SXSW this year?
    Honestly I haven’t even looked into who’ll be down there. I’ll probably hit up a majority of my friends’ shows that I can.

  • What word of advice would you give to newbie SXSWers?
    Don’t wait to buy your plane ticket…
  • SXSW drink of choice?

Words: Sandra Burciaga