Just like any other music festival, SXSW not only is a great display of emerging talent but it’s also a showcase for emerging fashion. This year’s SXSW welcomed a plethora of fashionistas from all walks of life: some were cute in their style, while other were just god awful. Take a look below at the Top Six Fashion Trends at SXSW. I’m sure there were more, but these were the ones we saw numerous times. Leave a comment below if you have some cute or hideous SXSW fashion trends to add.

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FEATHERS – OMG! As if it wasn’t bad enough in L.A., just about every girl was wearing feather extensions in their hair. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think they look cute on most girls, but some just over do it (stick to one side ladies). I guess it’s out with the colored streaks and in with the poultry feathers!

GRANNY DRESSES – I went shopping a couple months ago and was pissed off that all I can find was loud and obnoxious dresses that I’d find in my Grandma’s closet. Either that our those terrible floral prints.  WTF?

SMITH WESTERN HATS – This has already been overly popular in L.A. for a few years now, but the hipsters still love to wear them, especially the dudes.

BIFOCALS/THICK RIMMED GLASSES – They didn’t look cool on Urkel and they still don’t look “cool” on you. I hate this whole nerd glasses trend.

TIGHT SPANDEX DRESSES – Hey, if you have the body, rock it sista. I think gals that have brought back the tight fitted 80s spandex dress look adorable. BTW, “Hey double bubble!”

SOCKS WITH JAZZ SHOES – The last time I wore a pair of jazz shoes was on my way to jazz dance when I was five years old. I have plenty of friends that wear these silly shoes with loud colored sock. I don’t get it … ewww, but I still love you.

P.S.  – for those overly sensitive, don’t take this shit personal. And if you do, you’re lame.

Words & Photos: Sandra Burciaga