It’s because of innovative, I-don’t-give-a-fuck musicians such as Andre Williams, that I named this here music blog, Grimy Goods. Music that pushes limits, that’s not of the norm and certainly not socially accepted until quite some time (if at all)—music that is grimy, is the kind of music we dig and Andre Williams represents all the grimy goodness that most bands out there don’t have the balls or talent to produce. From blues, R&B, punk, garage and more, Williams has always played outside the box with his soul shaken’ music and shocking lyrics. He is a true punk (and I mean that in the BEST of ways). His raw swagger has graced the music of Ike Turner, Parliament/Funkadelic, Dirt-bombs, Jon Spencer, Two-Star Tabernacle (which included a very young Jack White) and many others. Williams is bringing his live act to the Satellite on Friday, June 24. Supporting Williams will be L.A.’s Jail Weddings. This big band is always a damn good time and a perfect complement to Williams. I can’t wait to see what slick get-ups Williams will be changing into at this show (hoping for multiple wardrobe changes!).

Andrew Williams with Jail Wedding is going to be one badass show not to miss. Tickets are only $12 and available via TicketFly to those 21-and-over. You can buy your tickets here! Get ’em quick because all the real music snobs will be coming out of the woodwork for this hot show, it will sell out.