With Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social media being the main way we communicate, we’re constantly interacting with others whether we’re texting, Tweeting or Facebooking. New words and acronyms are being created every day. While some are purely slang, other words have actually made it into the English dictionary. In the blog world, especially the indie music scene, too many words are getting played out. There are times when I see a Tweet and I just wanna punch the person in the throat for using such a lame word. Even though we’ve all been guilty of what I like to call, a mainstream lexicon, this shit needs to end.

A few weeks ago I asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers, “What words/phrases are you absolutely sick of hearing? What words annoy you?” After going through numerous replies, we came up with an agreeable list of words that just need to cease and desist.

10 Words That You Need to Stop Saying!

  • SWAG – You can all thank the immature Tyler the Creator of Odd Future for this annoyance.
  • Amazaballs – Perez Hilton always say this word. Do you really wanna be like him?
  • Winning – You might as well tattoo your forehead with “dork.”
  • Killed It – I’m sure the band killed it on the their performance, but this word has been used more often than a wannabe indie groupie.
  • LOL – Um, it’s kind of dorky.
  • Totes – Tote bag? Totem pole? Oh, you mean “totally!” Yeah, no thanks.
  • OMG – I love this word. But apparently it’s annoying. Oops!
  • Epic – This word needs to get “Epicly Later’d” if it wants to become cool again.
  • Adorbz/Adorbs – What are we, two? Adorable—It’s far more eloquent.
  • Bro – This term has be stretched to new levels. This is what the term “bro” REALLY means (click here), at least in So Cal. Regardless, please stop saying it. You’re starting to sound like that annoying chick from the “Bad Girls Club.”

Please feel free to add to our list of annoying words with your comment below.