The Kooks at the 98.7 FM Hollywood Tower Penthouse – Photos & Show Review

I love day shows! Especially when it’s a small intimate show like 98.7’s penthouse series located on the rooftop of the Hollywood Tower. This is a little live music gem that features an amazing stripped down acoustic performance by some awesome indie bands. The environment is beautiful with views of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory, and everyone seems so appreciative to be there for the afternoon music treat. The vibe is low key, and the crew at 98.7 really take care of their audience with a welcoming setting of libations, food and fun.

Last Tuesday’s show featured indie group from across the pond, The Kooks. The U.K. babes answered a few questions for the packed house before they performed a few songs for us (note: a packed house at a private show like this means a very small crowd, maybe 100). Through the short interview, I got the impression that this band is really charming, humble and just plain nice. After delighting us with their adorable accents they kicked off the set with “Eskimo Kiss” off their new album Junk of The Heart. This album is hot off the digital press as it was just released on September 12. The set list included new song “Rosie” and older favorites  “Ooh La” and “Naïve.” They ended the set with a performance of album title track, “Junk of The Heart” a romantic song reminiscent of a love letter. The performance was intimate and sweet, and I really loved the sound of the Fender acoustic bass, which I rarely get a chance to see. You can see and hear more on the 98.7 Penthouse Blog. You can catch The Kooks at the Music Box on December 7 and 8, 2011.

Words: Roxanne Hilburn

Photography: Wei Shi


Click through the photo gallery below for more hot photos of the band and crowd!

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