Ladytron with Geographer at the Wiltern – Photos & Review (Sept. 24, 2011)

Ladytron have commenced their U.S. tour with a stop at Los Angeles’ Wiltern theatre to represent their new album, Gravity the Seducer. The band was in full effect playing a barrage of tracks from their decade of beautiful and emotional soundscapes of synth-electro pop songs. Albums such as Light & Magic, Witching Hour, 604, Velocifero and their newest, brilliant production of melodic songs from Gravity the Seducer were performed. The two leading ladies, Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo looked more beautiful through time and it showed in how they carried themselves within their performances. They were sophisticated in their movements with style and presence. Both of their vocals were consistent and effective. The two were the focal point of the show while the gents played their synths and effects, and in the depth of the stage the drummer played with purpose.

I loved the fact that they included gems such as cover version of Death in June’s, “Little Black Angel” and “Discotraxx” from 604. The set consisted of a nice balance of songs with smooth transitions. Despite the great collection of songs they played and their wonderful presence, I wanted Ladytron to step it up to the next level of performance. The show had their token lasers and lights to set the mood for each of the songs but there is a common theme that is missing with acts in this genre of music, and that is the absence of visual media to maximize the experience. I wished they synced their music videos or created a custom visual art installation to push the viewer’s/listener’s experience to another level. This is important when the actual band is steady in their movements and focused with playing their instruments. The most movement of emotion was displayed in “Destroy Everything You Touch,” in which Helen’s head accessory fell when she started to intensely dance. I loved that …

They did an encore to one of my currently favorite songs, “White Elephant” from Gravity the Seducer. It’s such a beautiful melody that just keeps you singing along through the changing world. The laser textures and color mix was just right for that song. All-in-all, a great show with just some higher expectations of magic, than light.

Words: Walter Burciaga

Photography: Will Tee Yang







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